2009-08-26 01:39:32     CF card erro in Uboot

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2009-08-26 01:39:32     CF card erro in Uboot

liang wang (CHINA)

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Dear sir :

I am now use cf card  in True IDE mode in uboot.I can read the identify imformation in the ide_init() function as follow . however when it run to the function---- init_part (&ide_dev_desc[i] ->ide_read()-> ide_outb (device, ATA_COMMAND,  ATA_CMD_READ);It show error, the error register value is 0x4 .What is the reason? Can you give me some advice?It seems that there is erro at first ,because the ATA_STATUS  is 0x51 at first!






Using CF True IDE Mode

Bus 0:,dev:0



  Device 0:

Model: STI Flash 7.2.0  Firm: 12-15-04 Ser#: S ITJ129023606912024

            Type: Hard Disk

            Capacity: 122.5 MB = 0.1 GB (250880 x 512)

Error (no IRQ) dev 0 blk 0: status 0x51




2009-08-26 17:24:02     Re: CF card erro in Uboot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you need to describe the exact hardware and software you're using, and the config settings you're using in your u-boot board config




2009-08-26 21:31:44     Re: CF card erro in Uboot

liang wang (CHINA)

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I just uncomment this sentence  #define CONFIG_BFIN_TRUE_IDE    /* Add CF flash card support */


and use the  connection in this page.




.My CF CARD is SimpleTech SLCF128JIU.  Uboot version is 1.1.6


The erro code seems that there is ECC erro.