2009-08-14 09:32:24     bootcmd query

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2009-08-14 09:32:24     bootcmd query

Harbhajan Singh (INDIA)

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I am working with u-boot version U-Boot 2008.10 (ADI-2009R1-rc2). BF527 custom board.


I am trying to boot my application from flash. i changed the macro value


#define CONFIG_BOOTCOMMAND      "bootm 0x20100000"


I compiled the u-boot and verified with printenv command that the bootcmd is still "run ramboot"


what change i should do for booting my application which is in flash at address 0x20100000


Thank you.




2009-08-14 10:07:01     Re: bootcmd query


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Did you do a make distclean?






2009-08-17 10:56:05     Re: bootcmd query

Harbhajan Singh (INDIA)

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Hi Robin,


Yes, i tried with make distclean; I observed this problem when working like this.


I am working with custom board having BF527, u-boot version U-Boot 2008.10 (ADI-2009R1-rc2)


i have flashed one working u-boot.ldr file into the flash chip and it is booting properly. I compiled the u-boot again by changing the bootcmd = "bootm 0x20040000".


>> make distclean;make bf527-custom_config; make


i have extracted the u-boot.bin file and loaded it into the ram using tftp and i gave the run command to execute the u-boot. it executes but the bootcmd value is not changed.


>> tftp 0x1000000 u-boot.bin


>> go 0x1000000


i observed the same behaviour even with the bootdelay (CONFIG_BOOTDELAY) also.


But this problem disappers when i flash the modified (boot delay and bootcmd) u-boot.ldr file into the flash.


the modified changes are applied properly now.


how to check with u-boot.bin file, this file is used for testing whether the compiled u-boot is ok for flashing or not? is my understanding is correct?


please comment on this and provide your suggestions.


Thank you.




2009-08-20 10:32:08     Re: bootcmd query

Harbhajan Singh (INDIA)

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Hi Robin,


Can you please respond to this?






2009-08-20 22:40:31     Re: bootcmd query

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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Did you flash the compressed elf image of your application to the flash address where you run "bootm 0x20040000"?


You can try to boot it in ram frist.




2009-10-06 04:29:32     Re: bootcmd query

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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your understanding of how things work is incorrect.  you are changing the *default environment* which is only used if the *flash environment* is corrupt.  you didnt force the flash to be corrupt thus it will be used by u-boot as expected.