2009-06-25 13:05:11     CM 527 Flash

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2009-06-25 13:05:11     CM 527 Flash

Adam Dershowitz (UNITED STATES)

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I have a couple of questions about accessing the Flash on the 527 CM.


1)  I see that the flread command should allow for accessing all 4 banks of flash.  But it doesn't make it clear if they are addressed as a contiguous block?  In other words, I want to boot from a 4 meg image can I just use flread to copy that image to ram? So, with flread, is the flash addressed as 0x20000000 through 0x207FFFFF  ?


2)  How can I write to that flash?  If I have a 4 meg image, and I use tftp to load it into ram and then I want to flash it, is there an equivalent of flread such as flwrite?  Or some other trick to write greater then 2 meg to flash on a CM?








2009-06-25 14:33:32     Re: CM 527 Flash

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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i believe your understanding with (1) is correct


i believe (2) works in the same way -- the addresses are automatically munged when writing to flash with the normal cp.b


it's been a while since i played with this board and i dont have it readily available atm ...