FAQ: Can I use MATLAB/Simulink with the ADSP-CM40x?

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Can I use MATLAB and Simulink with the ADSP-CM40x and IAR Tool-chain?





While there is no direct interface between the IAR Tool-chain and MATLAB or Simulink, Mathworks offer the “Embedded Coder” product, an add-on which can generate portable C/C++ code from a MATLAB algorithm or Simulink model. The code generated from Embedded Coder can be compiled for the ADSP-CM40x processor using the IAR Tool-chain.


Embedded Coder further supports ARM by generating code that is optimized for ARM Cortex-M processors, such as the ADSP-CM40x. This ARM optimized code offers up to a significant execution performance improvement over ANSI/ISO C and supports MATLAB code, Simulink blocks, and DSP System Toolbox filters.


For more information, visit the Embedded Coder Product Page on the Mathworks website.