2009-03-06 10:06:50     EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working

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2009-03-06 10:06:50     EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working

Robert Kubaty (UNITED KINGDOM)

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Please, I need your help !


I've spend a lot of time researching this subject and tried everything.


I've got EZ-KIT LITE v1.1 board with BF537 silicon 0.0 on it.


Getting u-boot working should be simple. I don't know why I simply can't do it.




I'm using VDSP's "Flash Programmer" to write to flash.


For UART boot attempts, I'm using LdrViewer




I've tried pre-built binaries, both for BYPASS and PARA, BMODEs as well as UART variant.


I've also tried with u-boot 2008R1.5 and 2009.1 built by myself (also both BYPASS and PARA).




None of those give me any reply on UART. LED's are 'floating' and nothing happens. It's just stuck




I was able to flash simple applications (like flashing LEDs) without problems. They boot from flash and run correctly even without EZKIT initialization code...


UART example applications work fine and communicate with my PC without problems.


My board has all dip switches set to defaults. I also know what to do with BOOT MODE dial...


Any ideas ?






2009-03-06 10:46:19     Re: EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working

Phil Wilshire (UNITED STATES)

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Hi Robert,


Indeed this should be simple.


I would start by using UART load against a precompiled binary






Try this one. It should work on the EzKIT




You have to be un UART load mode  (boot switch set to 7) ANd then Immediately run minicom to


catch the boot output.






I always use a Linux platform for doing this. You can easliy install the blackfin tools release after


setting up the linux platform.


If you are to continue uClinux development then I suggest that you get upto speed with a good Linux


distribution ( Ubuntu 8.10 works well)


Once the released u-boot image works you should then place a BYPASS image in the 537 flash




The "run update" command should do this for you but you will have to get tftp  and basic networking set up on the development host.


Change the boot switch modes to bypass (position 0)  and then try to build your own uboot image.


I have been in the same situation as you are in with a BF527


It does work keep trying


  Phil Wilshire








2009-03-06 13:31:41     Re: EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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0.0 silicon is not supported.  buy a newer kit.




2009-03-13 06:20:53     Re: EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working


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Hi, Mike!


Silicon revision 0.1 of bf537 (ezlite) is not supported too, is it? I`ve tried using option "any" and "none" while configuring, but it doesn`t work.


Thank you!




2009-03-13 12:24:44     Re: EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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2009-03-20 05:54:37     Re: EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working


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Thank you!!




2009-03-20 09:27:33     Re: EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working

Robert Kubaty (UNITED KINGDOM)

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Uh..  that a downer :/


Thanks for replies and help !




I've been trying everything in the meantime, and figured that some old build of u-boot (1.1.6) actually works on rev.0.0 bf537


It couldn't flash my chip, but could download a newer uboot via serial and run it ('go' command). And guess what. Current u-boot (2009.01) is working fine on my rev 0.0.  However, once written to flash, it won't boot.  There may be incompatibility in initialization code in newer u-boots.


I'm not skilled enough to try to 'mix' initialization code from 1.1.6 with actual code of 2009.01.  I guess a new dev-board is necessary for me :/


Thanks everyone for replies.




2010-02-08 12:24:17     Re: EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working

senthil manick (UNITED STATES)

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Hello there,


I have BF537 ex-kit lite 2.2


Silicon rev is 0.3


But I am having no luck booting the board in Uboot with UART


In fact the UART is not even sending the characters <?> 


I know the cable works (tested between two hosts)


I am using Minicom (57600,  8N1)


Set the boot mode switch to 7


Any help is greatly appreciated.




2010-02-08 13:47:37     Re: EZ-KIT BF537 u-boot not working


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