2009-01-09 09:07:59     auto load & boot

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2009-01-09 09:07:59     auto load & boot

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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How can I compile u-boot so at powerup to check first for USB Flash memory, and if exists to load an image from it and to boot the image automatically. Afcourse the file name will be hardcoded.


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2009-01-09 09:20:19     Re: auto load & boot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you can use the hush shell to add scripting to the default bootcmd.  see the toplevel README for more info.




2009-01-09 11:24:57     Re: auto load & boot

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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I'm trying something easyer at the beginning. I've changed 'ramboot' env variable in 'bfin_adi_common.h' as:


"ramboot=" \

        "usb start;" \

        "fatload usb 0 $(loadaddr) uimage;" \

        "bootm" \

        "\0" \


and I have some error executing 'run ramboot':


bfin> run ramboot


usb     - USB sub-system


The "usb start;fatload usb 0 0x01000000 uimage;bootm" (the content of the ramboot var.) directly to the terminal works fine.


What I'm doing wrong this time?




2009-01-09 12:10:00     Re: auto load & boot

Nikolay Chokoev (IRELAND)

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Sorry for the last post! I found it. I had 2 instances of 'ramboot' due to previous changes, the first one was wrong. Now it is fine!