2008-12-16 02:01:51     Wait States for SMSC9215 Driver

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2008-12-16 02:01:51     Wait States for SMSC9215 Driver

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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I am working with u-boot 1.1.6 2007 R1, custom board with BF533.  SMSC9215 interfaced through AMS Bank Space.


I have downloaded the ethernet driver files from the smsc.org site and used them in the u-boot . I have calculated the theoritical waitstates for the ethernet chip it is 0x4410 and when i tried to ping the server it is showing error saying the following message.


U-Boot 1.1.6-svn (ADI-2007R1) (Dec 16 2008 - 12:52:42)


CPU:   ADSP BF533 Rev.: 0.5

Board: ADI BF533 NP2x00 board

       Support: www.philips.com

Clock: VCO: 594 MHz, Core: 594 MHz, System: 118 MHz



*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment


In:    serial

Out:   serial

Err:   serial

I2C:   ready

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0

BF533_NP2x00> set serverip

BF533_NP2x00> set ipaddr

BF533_NP2x00> set ethaddr 00:16:22:66:22:11

BF533_NP2x00> ping

LAN9x18 (0x115a0000) detected at 0x20100000

GetPhyReg: MII busy

GetPhyReg: MII busy

Unknown PHY ID : 0x7, 0x0

len bad 46 < 2520

len bad 229 < 751

len bad 238 < 16008

ping failed; host is not alive


When i increased the waitstates the problem did not happen. I am attaching the driver files for your reference.


previously i have posted the similar question in the uclinux-help forum. see the follwing link.




Please suggest me why the ethernet driver is taking more waitstates than required .


Thanks, Sreedhar







2008-12-16 03:16:01     Re: Wait States for SMSC9215 Driver

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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how exactly did you calculate the wait states (post equations / answers)


what values exactly do things start working at




2008-12-16 04:20:33     Re: Wait States for SMSC9215 Driver

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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Hi Mike,


The wait state values are provided by our H/W engineer. Based on the timing values of SMSC9215 datasheet and our board system clock.


we have network project with ping working in vdsp with the above values(0x4410) i am able to run the ping command succesfully. But the driver in vdsp is different from the what i have attached before. The files which I have attached says is modified for the arm processor in the description at the top of the driver.


May be it is giving some clue, I am unable to make the ethernet driver work with the desired wait states. it is working for the waitstates 0xFFC2. which is the maximum waitstates.


Best Regards,Sreedhar.






2008-12-17 02:47:14     Re: Wait States for SMSC9215 Driver

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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Hi Mike,


I have modified the driver for 16 bit read and writes and it is working fine for the calculated wait states.


Thanks and Regards, Sreedhar




2009-06-08 02:29:05     Re: Wait States for SMSC9215 Driver

Ulrich Gerster (GERMANY)

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I'm working on a project with U-Boot.

For a new U-Boot configuration  I need the driver for the SMSC9215.


I thought maybe I could get it from you, because you already have a working one?


Thanks a lot in advance.


Best Regards





2009-06-09 03:52:55     Re: Wait States for SMSC9215 Driver

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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You can get these driver files from the smsc.com or u can find these fies in the latest svn u-boot also.