2008-12-09 05:21:57     the problem of poring bf537 u-boot

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2008-12-09 05:21:57     the problem of poring bf537 u-boot

sj tian (CHINA)

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I want to port u-boot-1.1.6 into my board. my cpu is bf537,and sdram is 32M*8bit,flash is 4M*8bit.

I download the u-boot of bf537-stamp board from your web,and  it work well in bf537-stamp. Then I

reconfigure this u-boot of bf537-stamp as my board u-boot.  my board clock is also 25M, and serial baud rate is 57600.


I modyfied some file as following:




     #define CONFIG_MEM_SIZE                  32                /* 128, 64, 32, 16 */

     #define CONFIG_MEM_ADD_WDTH     9                 /* 8, 9, 10, 11  

     #define CONFIG_IPADDR             

     #define CONFIG_NETMASK          

     #define CONFIG_GATEWAYIP      

     #define CONFIG_SERVERIP        

     #define AMBCTL1VAL                               0x23927BB0

     #define CONFIG_RTC_BF533                1       

     #define CFG_BOOTM_LEN                     0x4000000




     add #define STM_ID_SST39VF3201 0x235b235b







After compiling, I tftp u-boot.bin into my board, then go 0x1000000,but there is nothing on serial except disply ## Starting application at 0x01000000 ....


why? I read the article bootloaders-u-boot-porting.html, but no help.


plese give me a hint, thanks!




2008-12-09 07:45:08     Re: the problem of poring bf537 u-boot


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If you have read:




The next one is:








2008-12-09 07:48:38     Re: the problem of poring bf537 u-boot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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it doesnt look like you're using the latest release ... only use the latest release (2008R1.5) and then do as Robin suggested