2008-12-04 22:02:26     How to set UART baud rate?

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2008-12-04 22:02:26     How to set UART baud rate?

leo liu (CHINA)

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Hi, I am working with u-boot version 1.1.6 2008 R1.5. Custom board BF527. I defined CONFIG_UART_CONSOLE to 0 as my console by "#define CONFIG_UART_CONSOLE 0". It does not print correctly. I tested the UART0 in visualdsp , I found the UART Bit Rate table on page 488 of ADSP-BF52X_Hardware_Reference_Vol(2)  is not correct. UART0 works well when I caculate the divisor of UART0_DLL and UART0_DLH by "divisor   = SCLK / 16 / Bit rate" with 1MHz equal to 1024*1024, not 1000*1000.


So it puzzled me that how to change the divisor in u-boot and why does it work well on UART1 as default in bf527-ezkit board?




2008-12-04 23:33:35     Re: How to set UART baud rate?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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just like the documentation states, the default baud rate is controlled by CONFIG_BAUDRATE


the actual divisor is not directly controllable