2008-10-30 10:28:34     Boot BF537

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2008-10-30 10:28:34     Boot BF537


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I use a BF537 stamp V2.1 and i want to know where are the good place to load the Uboot and the kernel.


could you indicate me the good location




(that is the size of my kernelBytes transferred = 4112197 (3ebf45 hex), i can't put it in the eeprom)








2008-10-30 11:15:48     Re: Boot BF537

Frank Van Hooft (CANADA)

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The BF537-STAMP does not have an eeprom, but it does have a 4 MB parallel flash. This is how I've personally partitioned the flash - you can do it differently, but this should give you an idea.


0x2000 0000 - 0x2002 FFFF    u-boot

0x2003 0000 - 0x203E FFFF    uclinux    (3,832,160 bytes)

0x203F 0000 - 0x203F FFFF    MAC address


Your 4.1 MB uclinux file would not fit into the uclinux partition as I've shown above. You have a few options.


1) Make your uclinux file smaller. Remove things you don't need from the build. The documentation wiki on this site has comments about that.


2) If you only want to test your uclinux file, you can simply load it into RAM and run it from there. See the documentation wiki for details on loading uclinux into your board.


3) If you really need a larger flash, probably the easiest thing to do is to connect a serial flash to the board. Somethng like an M25P64 8MB part. There are example schematics on this site for a plug-in card, and software support within u-boot for serial flashes. Again, see the documentation wiki.




2008-10-30 11:20:39     Re: Boot BF537


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ok thank you for you help i will try to make ;y kernel image smaller