2008-10-07 09:38:24     dhcp not working

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2008-10-07 09:38:24     dhcp not working

blue hash (UNITED STATES)

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I'm trying to get u-boot up and running on a bf548-ezkit.


I'm using u-boot-bf548-ezkit-uart-2008R1.5.ldr from the release page to load via uart. At the bfin> prompt, I get the following. The network is ok, since the same cable works well on another PC


bfin> dhcp                                                                    

start Auto negotiation... (take ~2sec)                                        

Auto negotiation complete, 100BaseTX, full duplex                             

BOOTP broadcast 1                                                             

BOOTP broadcast 2                                                             

BOOTP broadcast 3                                                             

BOOTP broadcast 4                                                             

BOOTP broadcast 5


Could anyone please check this for me. Thanks




2008-10-07 12:29:18     Re: dhcp not working

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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verify your switch settings are correct first by reviewing the documentation:



also, testing the cable in another machine may not be valid.  a lot of modern desktops support MDI-X which no Blackfin development board does.  you should validate that a machine on the same network link can see the broadcast packets by sniffing with wireshark or something similar.