2008-07-17 11:49:06     [U-Boot On Custom Board] Flash Problem

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2008-07-17 11:49:06     [U-Boot On Custom Board] Flash Problem

Axel Normand (FRANCE)

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I'm working on a BF533 custom board based on the BF533-STAMP.


Same RAM


Same Eth controler


Other Flash.


The Flash working, I writing U-boot in by Jtag and booting.


but, U-boot can't see the Flash size. (I have a 4 Mo flash, I will tried tomorow with a 2 Mo).


I dont used a CPLD for switching between flash and Eth but I just used Flash for Uboot and I've mapped the AMS0/1.


I use the configuration of BF533_STAMP to build U-Boot.


a can see on uart this message :




U-Boot 1.1.6 (ADI-2008R1) (Jul 17 2008 - 15:40:09)                            


CPU:   ADSP bf533-0.3 (Detected Rev: 0.5)                                     

Board: ADI BF533 Stamp board                                                  

       Support: http://blackfin.uclinux.org/                                  

Clock: VCO: 398 MHz, Core: 398 MHz, System: 79 MHz                            

RAM:   128 MB                                                                 

Flash:  0 kB                                                                  

*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment                              


In:    serial                                                                 

Out:   serial                                                                 

Err:   serial                                                                 

Net:   SMC91111 at 0x20300300                                                 

MAC:   FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF                                                      

I2C:   ready                                                                  

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0                                              

bfin> flinfo                                                                  


Bank # 1: CFI conformant FLASH (0 x 8)  Size: 0 MB in 71 Sectors              

Erase timeout 1 ms, write timeout 1 ms, buffer write timeout 1 ms, buffer size1

  Sector Start Addresses:                                                     

    20000000 (RO) 20002000 (RO) 20004000 (RO) 20006000 (RO) 20008000 (RO)     

    2000A000 (RO) 2000C000 (RO) 2000E000 (RO) 20010000 (RO) 20020000          

    20030000 (RO) 20040000 (RO) 20050000      20060000      20070000 (RO)     

    20080000 (RO) 20090000      200A0000      200B0000      200C0000          

    200D0000      200E0000      200F0000      20100000      20110000          

    20120000      20130000      20140000      20150000      20160000          

    20170000      20180000      20190000      201A0000      201B0000          

    201C0000      201D0000      201E0000      201F0000      20200000          

    20210000      20220000      20230000      20240000      20250000          

    20260000      20270000      20280000      20290000      202A0000          

    202B0000      202C0000      202D0000      202E0000      202F0000          

    20300000      20310000      20320000      20330000      20340000          

    20350000      20360000      20370000      20380000      20390000          

    203A0000      203B0000      01010101      01010101 (RO) 203E0001          

    203F0000 (RO)                                                             





After see the boot processing, I see it's the flash_init() function don't work for me.


If anyone have an idea to help me.




Axel Normand




2008-07-17 21:38:39     Re: [U-Boot On Custom Board] Flash Problem

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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do not modify existing board files.  create your own like the documentation says:



you did not specify your flash settings properly.  you cant blindly copy the settings from a different board when you arent using the same flash.  again, please review the documentation:





2008-07-18 05:17:59     Re: [U-Boot On Custom Board] Flash Problem

Axel Normand (FRANCE)

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Hi Mike,


Thanks for responding me.


I've create my own board files, it run now but dont change the problem whit my flash.


My flash is a CFI flash : but it ID are not describe in include/flash.c


did I need to add it ? or did I need to do more ?


Amic 4Mo flash but only 2Mo are map. constructor id : 0037 and divice : 22f9 like detect say.


jtag> detectflash 0x20000000

cfi_detect: mid 37, did 22f9

Chaîne de requêtre d'identification:

        Jeu de commandes Primary Algorithm et Code ID de contrôle d'interface: 0x0002 (AMD/Fujitsu Jeu standard de commandes)

        Jeu alternatif de commandes Primary Algorithm et Code ID de contrôle d'interface: 0x0000 (nul)

Requête d'information d'interface système:

        Vcc logique Puissance minimum Écri/Efface ou Voltage d'écriture: 2700 mV

        Vcc logique Puissance maximum Écri/Efface ou Voltage d'écriture: 3600 mV

        Vpp [Programmation] puissance minimum Écriture/Efface voltage: 0 mV

        Vpp [Programmation] puissance maximum Écriture/Efface voltage: 0 mV

        Délai d'expiration typique par programme simple octet/mot: 16 us

        Délai d'expiration typique pour la taille maximale par programme multi-octets: 0 us

        Délai d'expiration typique par effacement individuel de blocs: 1024 ms

        Délai d'expiration typique pour un effacement complet du module: 0 ms

        Délai d'expiration maximal pour un programme octer/mot: 512 us

        Délai d'expiration maximum pour programme multi-octets: 0 us

        Délai d'expiration maximum par effacement individuel de blocs: 16384 ms

        Délai d'expiration maximum pour un effacement complet du module: 0 ms

Définition de la géométrie du périphérique:

        Taille du périphérique: 4194304 O (4096 KiB, 4 MiB)

        Description du code de l'interface du module: 0x0002 (x8/x16)

        Nombre maximum d'octets d'un programme multi-octest: 1

        Numbre de régions de blocs d'effacement à l'intérieur du périphérique: 2

        Information sur la région du bloc d'effacement:

                Région 0:

                        Taille du bloc d'effacement: 8192 B (8 KiB)

                        Nombre de blocs d'effacement: 8

                Région 1:

                        Taille du bloc d'effacement: 65536 B (64 KiB)

                        Nombre de blocs d'effacement: 63



I dont know why my flash are not detected ! Did it run better with a more classic flash distributor like AMD or STM ?






2008-07-18 05:28:29     Re: [U-Boot On Custom Board] Flash Problem

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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sorry, but i dont speak french, so i have no idea what that output says


whether urjtag knows the exact flash id doesnt really matter ... u-boot operates on a completely different database




2008-07-18 06:12:40     Re: [U-Boot On Custom Board] Flash Problem

Axel Normand (FRANCE)

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for the output, I've just posted it for you see where I find the flash id.


u-boot oprerates on a completely different database ?! really


I do the same detectflash whit urjtag on a bf533_stamp :


manufacturer id : 0x0020 for STM


Module id : 0x22CB


and i find this number in include/flash.h !




did I need to do add a support of my flash memory ?


if yes, need I to do that on my board directory or other flash.c ?




I'm realy dont know where my problem come from and how to resolved it.




PS : I will receive a new ship who are list on flash.h , maybe it will solved partialy my problem.




2008-07-18 06:37:16     Re: [U-Boot On Custom Board] Flash Problem

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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why would you think urjtag and u-boot share code ?  they're completely different projects which means they have completely different code bases.


you said you simply copied the bf533-stamp settings.  that means you did not read the documentation and you did not update the flash settings in the board configuration header to actually reflect your flash.  you cannot expect the flash to work if you dont use the right settings.


the wiki page i posted earlier explains the settings you need to set correctly ... please actually read it:





2008-07-18 09:27:21     Re: [U-Boot On Custom Board] Flash Problem

Axel Normand (FRANCE)

Message: 59093   


I got it.


I see my flash, I just have an error : I set harware protect at 1 instead of 0.


now flash running correctly, thanks a lot for your help.




Axel Normand