2008-07-17 06:41:24     sureshkumar

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2008-07-17 06:41:24     sureshkumar

suresh kumar (INDIA)

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I installed the eclipse into my host linux pc.


If ,I try to configure the eclipse for debug.i can't do that.






In the Project name field enter the name of your program.


Un-check Use default.


In the Directory field enter the path to the user directory in your uClinux distribution.


You should now have a new project visible in the Navigator view. Expanding the project's folder icon should reveal a file called .project, this file is created automatically by Eclipse, it contains information about the project. Do NOT delete this file, without it Eclipse will not recognize the project. From here you should be able to add new files to the project by selecting File>New>File. Once you have created all the required source files, and the Makefile you may now create configurations to build the uClinux kernel image.






I cant get project folder and as well as .project.


make: *** No rule to make target `make'.  Stop.


I show this kind of error.


what i want do.




Please tell how to configure the eclipse into target.










2008-07-17 08:51:30     Re: sureshkumar

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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this is the u-boot forum.  if you're attempting to build the uclinux-dist or an application, please ask your question in the uclinux-dist forum.