2008-06-03 12:14:37     Custom BF537 board UART booting problem

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2008-06-03 12:14:37     Custom BF537 board UART booting problem


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The custom bf537 board is based on the bf537 stamp board but without the parallel flash. I'm trying to boot it up from UART since  currently the jtag spi bus is not supported. I have tried ldrviewer in windows and bfin-uclinx-ldr in SuSe linux, but no success. Hope you can give me some suggestions.


Firstly, I have check the voltage (RTC, 3.3V, VDDINT(~1.25V)). The reset pin level is high. The clk buf gives a 25MHz output. The jtag program can detect the bf537 chip via the jtag port.


Secondly, I used the ldrviewer progrom under windows. The program is running alone, i.e. no terminal program is running at the same time. Test port is ok, Autobaud is ok with 4 bytes received correctly. Then 'send DXE', I noticed 'done' but there's no feedback from the target. I opened hyperterminal, no output and there's no echo when I type command like 'version' or 'print'.  I tried the both 06r2 and 08r1 uart uboot ldr file, none of them can work.


Lastly, I resorted to bfin-uclinus-ldr. Everyting seems work properly just as the the docs page prints out, except no 'bf537>' show up as I expected. Whatever I type no response.


Where I should look into? I look forward to your comments. Thank you in advance.










2008-06-03 12:23:04     Re: Custom BF537 board UART booting problem

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the documentation has a section on debugging u-boot:





2008-06-16 05:23:16     Re: Custom BF537 board UART booting problem

bobby brown (FRANCE)

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hi   Jian ju


I  write  at the moment in the  some  Programm  as  you. can  you  send me   your  JTAG  programm  .


Thank  you