2008-05-13 17:00:41     BF537 parallel boot

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2008-05-13 17:00:41     BF537 parallel boot

Giulio Mazzoleni (ITALY)

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Hello folks.


I hope you can give me some hints on how to proceed in debugging my problem.


I want to do parallel boot from external flash (boot mode 1) on a bf537 stamp board. I know it would be simpler just using the bypass boot mode.


I'm using u-boot-1.1.6-2008R1 compiled with an svn version of the toolchains (post 2007r1.1). I'm currenlty downloading the 2008r1 release and I'll try with that, too (please don't blame me if i should have done that before posting).


I've modified the file include/configs/bf537-stamp.h as follows:




after that i typed make bf537-stamp_config && make


everything compiles just fine


I could load the u-boot.ldr with the Icebear and the u-boot.ldr.hex with VDSP.


Set the correct boot mode, but nothing happens at boot. I already tried adding a few simple instructions (switching off a led) at the beginning of the cpu/blackfin/start.S routine, but they do not even get executed.


Is this mode (boot from external parallel flash) really supported for bf537?


I've already read the relevant documentation in the u-boot wiki pages (in particular http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=bootloaders:bootrom)


A vdsp binary ldr starts with the mentioned 0x40 or 0x60 byte, but the same does not apply to the u-boot.ldr generated by the u-boot compilation process. Is this the correct behaviour or am I missing something?


Hope to have been clear enough.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your time and your patience.


Giulio Mazzoleni




2008-05-13 17:19:52     Re: BF537 parallel boot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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parallel boot does not work in 2008R1 or anything older.  use bypass mode.




2008-05-13 18:31:48     Re: BF537 parallel boot


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Is this working on broken in trunk?






2008-05-13 18:40:29     Re: BF537 parallel boot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you need trunk toolchain + trunk u-boot in order for any hope of it working ... but ive only tested the boards i have, no promise that it'll work for anyone else




2008-05-14 04:24:26     Re: BF537 parallel boot

Giulio Mazzoleni (ITALY)

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Thanks for your answers.


I'm still quite a bit confused.


The documentation says it is working and tested, even if it does not specify on which cpu/board.


So should I assume it is working on a bf527 but not on a bf537? I'm downloading right now the trunk version.


Thanks for the tip.


Giulio Mazzoleni




2008-05-14 07:57:43     Re: BF537 parallel boot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the documentation tends to reflect the very latest code


the BF52x and BF54x are known to work fine, but that's because they use a different LDR format than the BF53x/BF56x


since there really isnt a good reason afaik to use the BF53x/BF56x in parallel boot mode instead of bypass, you should just be using bypass




2008-05-14 09:20:58     Re: BF537 parallel boot

Giulio Mazzoleni (ITALY)

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Many thanks!


I managed to make it work by using the trunk versions of u-boot and of the ldr-utils package included in the bfin-uclinux toolchain.