2008-04-29 11:39:22     Custom Board not working with U-Boot

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2008-04-29 11:39:22     Custom Board not working with U-Boot


Message: 55237    I built a custom BF537 board based on the EZ-Kit lite using the same SDRAM and Flash, with the idea that I could use pre -compiled binaries for testing but things are not working quite like I expected.




FLASH - M29W320DB70N6E


25 MHz oscillator

32.768kHz RTC



See attached schematics for more details


Digital Section

Analog Section

Power Section

Interface Connectors


I can connect to the board using UART0, I send it the "@" character and it responds correctly.  I then load a ldr file using ldrloader in Linux (I tried the windows program too)  It appears that it loads the program into SDRAM, but then as soon as the computer stops sending the ldr the the data and address lines freeze and no output is given out of the serial port.  I have tried the 1.1.6 release and 1.1.3 release uart ldr files.  I have also compiled my own 1.1.6 with the 2008RC1 toolchain, and it does not seem to make a difference.


I have tried both using CTS/RTS from PG6/PG7 (wirewrapped as these were not planned) and not using CTS during the load process, yet it does not seem to make a difference.


I have been able to load an LED flash program that I made in VDSP++ 5 and used the EZ-KIT lite files.  It does blink the LEDs correctly.  I saw some information about using sdram.S in old versions of uboot to test to see if the SDRAM is initializing by flashing some LEDs but I could not find the correct place to change that.  The LED flash program does seem to use the SDRAM correctly, both writes and reads appear to work from what I can tell by watching the signals on my scope.


Additionally I tried using the UART echo program provided by VDSP++, it works for some characters "jkliunm98" but for other characters it echos a signal that has odd glitches that are 1/2 the bit width and come about 4-6 bits before where the first bit of the correct output should be.  I will try and get some photos later today.


Basically I was wondering if someone would take a look at my schematics and see if there is anything obvious I am missing or if anyone has seen this type of problem before. Thanks for all your help!






I got the UART program to work correctly that was provided by Analog Devices VDSP++ 5.  Still no luck on U-BOOT, I think it might be something to do with my SDRAM.  Any suggestions?




2008-04-29 19:11:55     Re: Custom Board not working with U-Boot

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 55256    please grab the latest ldr-utils in svn trunk and build that up and see if that loads things any better.