2008-04-21 09:44:05     Build bf527-ezkit,error!

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2008-04-21 09:44:05     Build bf527-ezkit,error!

tang wuke (CHINA)

Message: 54627    I built bf527-ezkit ,error. show as following:

./bootrom-asm-offsets.awk: not found


but I can find it at /u-boot-1.1.6/cpu/blackfin

What's wrong?




2008-04-21 14:27:29     Re: Build bf527-ezkit,error!

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 54635    if i had to make an educated guess, i would say you dont have awk installed.  the obvious fix would be to install awk.


please review the documentation:





2008-04-22 01:56:07     回复: Re: Build bf527-ezkit,error!

tang wuke (CHINA)

Message: 54670    Very grateful,I have got it.

It was bothering me a long time. I am a novice.


Thank you for your help!!!!!!