2008-04-11 10:09:14     quessions about .ldr file

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2008-04-11 10:09:14     quessions about .ldr file

Pafone Lee (CHINA)

Message: 54092    Hi

I'm confused these days,can somebody help


1.    Is it the same between the .ldr file which come from the toolchain and the .ldr file come from the VDSP?


2 .   Is the first byte of the .ldr file which used for External Flash Boot (not bypass the bootROM)  must be 0x60 or 0x40?


3.   My custom board is only able to download the .ldr file with ihex 16bit packaged format for bootRom booting, which file I can use for my custom board, u-boot.bin,u-boot.bin.hex,u-boot.ldr,or u-boot.ldr.hex?






2008-04-11 12:26:40     Re: quessions about .ldr file

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 54099    what VDSP does with LDRs is irrelevant.  the LDR format is something the bootrom respects, and we produce LDRs that the bootrom should be able to parse just fine.


i dont know where you're getting "0x60" and "0x40" from as neither really makes sense in LDR mode.  if you want to know about the LDR format, consult the manuals.


if you want to know about the different files, please read:





2008-04-11 14:16:21     Re: quessions about .ldr file

Pafone Lee (CHINA)

Message: 54111    sorry , I mean the para flash boot, not all the .ldr files.

I got it from the asm file ADSP-BF533-ROM-V03.asm and here:



      Boot from 8-bit and 16-bit external flash memory – The 8-bit or 16-bit flash boot routine located in boot ROM memory space is set up using Asynchronous Memory Bank 0. All configuration settings are set for the slowest device possible (3-cycle hold time; 15-cycle R/W access times; 4-cycle setup). The boot ROM evaluates the first byte of the boot stream at address 0×20000000. If it is 0×40, 8-bit boot is performed. A 0×60 byte is required for 16-bit boot.


and I checked the .ldr file produced by VDSP did contain a 0x60 in it's first byte , with the help of UltraEdit.But the u-boot.ldr did not.

why I did it? I had burn an u-boot.ldr.hex file to my custom board,it output nothing to the series port after power up.

so I connected the board to VDSP using an ICE , in the SRAM(address 0xffa00000) disassembly were *illegal code* .But it show correct disassembly when have downloaded a known good application which is produced by VDSP after conected to VDSP.

above indicates that I didn't down the correct format u-boot to the board.


new questions  now:


can it output something to the series port thought it do not match the correct board?        my  custom board  : bf533, HY57V641620HG 32M SDRAM, AMD29LV320BT NOR FLASH , etc

and I download the   u-boot-bf533-ezkit-bypass-2008R1.bin with booting the board with bypass mode. Can I see something from the terminal thought the u-boot doesn't work normally (assume the format and down load all right)

2.how does the bypass bootmode work? As I know , other boot mode with the init of the internal bootROM , the processor can read the asyn Flash from the EBIU to SRAM(Is all the code must be load to it first before the processor excute?), but the bypass mode do not use a bootROM to init the EBIU, how can the processor get the code.


thanks for your reply.




2008-04-11 14:55:04     Re: quessions about .ldr file

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 54114    ldr-utils does not generate the dummy ignore block needed for BF53x in order to execute ldrs out of parallel flash.  but this isnt a big deal: just use the bypass mode.


we make no guarantees about release images working on any platform except for the specific one they were built for.  it may work on other platforms, but most certainly not if the physical memory configuration is not the same.


the document you referenced already explains bypass boot mode.




2008-04-12 00:46:35     Re: quessions about .ldr file

Pafone Lee (CHINA)

Message: 54133    thx , Mike

actually I don't care about what the details of .ldr files and bootmode are.


The biggest problem troubles me now is that I am not sure the method and the target file format that I download the target file produced by toolchain to my custom board is right.


I want to translate the u-boot to my custom board,the first thing I must do is to check out whether the method I down load the target file produced by toolchain can work. If it work , and then I can begin the translating work. But I don't have a known good application match my board produced by toolchain .


can the toolchain make a simple application like lighting a led so that I can use it to checkout if the target file format and method I download to my board is right?

if it can't , please tell me, what I can do?


again: the board runs well with the target file produced by VDSP with the format 16bit packaged ihex .ldr file.




2008-04-12 01:41:38     Re: quessions about .ldr file

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 54134    are you trying to get u-boot running on your platform or are you doing a bare metal application ?


if u-boot, then you shouldnt mess around with ldr files at all.  just use bypass mode and everything is very very simple.