2008-04-10 04:09:03     copy u-boot to flash

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2008-04-10 04:09:03     copy u-boot to flash

Servaes Joordens (NETHERLANDS)

Message: 53988   


I successfully booted u-boot through uart. Then I want to copy a u-boot image to the flash but that failed.


I do the following:


protect off 1:0

erase 1:0

tftp 0x1000000 u-boot.bin

cp.b 0x1000000 0x20000000 $(filesize)


I failed to erase the first block. I tried erasing other blocks and all went fine, except for the first block. I cannot copy u-boot to the first sector when it is not erased first.


I use u-boot 1.1.3


Any idea's?






2008-04-10 08:14:11     Re: copy u-boot to flash


Message: 54030    Servaes:


Did you try erasing by address? Does it give the error during the erase phase, or during the copy?


Have you tried updating U-Boot?