[#4539] Failed to add SMP patch to latest kernel on trunk

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[#4539] Failed to add SMP patch to latest kernel on trunk

Submitted By: Vivi Li

Open Date

2008-10-17 00:33:18     Close Date

2008-10-20 22:58:31


Medium     Assignee:

Graf Yang


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Summary: Failed to add SMP patch to latest kernel on trunk



Failed to add SMP patch to latest kernel on trunk.



patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/l1layout.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/smp.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/cplbinit.h

Hunk #4 FAILED at 111.

1 out of 4 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/cplbinit.h.rej

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/spinlock_types.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf548/mem_map.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/percpu.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/bitops.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mmu_context.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/cacheflush.h

Hunk #1 FAILED at 35.

Hunk #5 succeeded at 93 with fuzz 1.

1 out of 5 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/cacheflush.h.rej

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/bfin-global.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/atomic.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/cplb-mpu.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/rwlock.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mutex.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf561/mem_map.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf561/smp.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf561/defBF561.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/pda.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf527/mem_map.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mach-common/context.S

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/processor.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/cplb.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/spinlock.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/thread_info.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/system.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/cpu.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mutex-dec.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf533/mem_map.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/cache.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf537/mem_map.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/Kconfig

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/cplb-mpu/cplbinit.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/cplb-mpu/cplbmgr.c

Hunk #1 succeeded at 30 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #2 succeeded at 98 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #3 succeeded at 168 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #4 succeeded at 196 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #5 succeeded at 218 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #6 succeeded at 257 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #7 succeeded at 283 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #8 succeeded at 291 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #9 succeeded at 306 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #10 succeeded at 329 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #11 succeeded at 344 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #12 succeeded at 352 (offset -1 lines).

Hunk #13 succeeded at 369 (offset -1 lines).

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/cplb-mpu/cacheinit.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/irqchip.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/setup.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/vmlinux.lds.S

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/bfin_ksyms.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/process.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/ptrace.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/entry.S

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/module.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/asm-offsets.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/traps.c

Hunk #2 succeeded at 205 (offset 6 lines).

Hunk #3 succeeded at 410 (offset 6 lines).

Hunk #4 succeeded at 464 (offset 6 lines).

Hunk #5 succeeded at 953 (offset 6 lines).

Hunk #6 succeeded at 1109 (offset 6 lines).

Hunk #7 succeeded at 1150 (offset 6 lines).

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/reboot.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/cplb-nompu/cplbinit.c

Hunk #1 succeeded at 27 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #2 succeeded at 67 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #3 succeeded at 77 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #4 succeeded at 91 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #5 succeeded at 149 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #6 succeeded at 283 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #7 succeeded at 295 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #8 succeeded at 305 (offset 1 line).

Hunk #9 succeeded at 436 (offset 1 line).

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/cplb-nompu/cplbmgr.S

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/cplb-nompu/cacheinit.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/cplb-nompu/cplbinfo.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-common/head.S

Hunk #2 succeeded at 292 (offset 39 lines).

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-bf561/Kconfig

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-bf561/smp.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-bf561/secondary.S

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-bf561/Makefile

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-bf561/atomic.S

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mm/init.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mm/sram-alloc.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-common/smp.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-common/entry.S

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-common/Makefile

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-common/ints-priority.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf561/blackfin.h

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/kernel/time.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/drivers/char/bfin_simple_timer.c

patching file linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-common/cache.S

Hunk #1 succeeded at 89 with fuzz 2 (offset -57 lines).





--- Graf Yang                                                2008-10-18 04:47:07

Upated the patch


--- Vivi Li                                                  2008-10-20 22:58:31

OK now. Close it.












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