FAQ: [2009R1.1-RC4] Failban or alternative?(2011-01-03)

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2011-01-03 04:57:32     [2009R1.1-RC4] Failban or alternative?

Gilles Ganault (FRANCE)

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I went through the options but didn't find the Failban application so I could stop accepting registration attempts from a given IP after X failed attempts.


Did I miss it, or if it's not part of uClinux-dist, is there an alternative solution?



Thank you.




2011-01-03 09:14:14     Re: [2009R1.1-RC4] Failban or alternative?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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do you actually mean fail2ban ?  it is not in the dist.  it is also a bit fat and requires python, so unless you need python for something else, seems like you should write your own simpler log parser.




2011-01-03 11:52:44     Re: [2009R1.1-RC4] Failban or alternative?

Gilles Ganault (FRANCE)

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Sorry. Yes, I meant "fail2ban".


I'll see if there a lighter solution that can reconfigure the firewall on the fly.


Thank you.




2011-01-04 06:14:12     Re: [2009R1.1-RC4] Failban or alternative?

Gilles Ganault (FRANCE)

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For those looking for the same thing: At least two options are available: