FAQ: Linphone, X264(2011-09-21)

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2011-09-21 15:53:56     Linphone, X264

Blair Fredericks (CANADA)

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I finally got this compiled and working, few modifications here and there.


However, the x264 code is not optimized for the Blackfin Architecture.

I am running this on a BF561 dual core.

The uClinux implementation of SMP is not much help either.

Due to the fact the all threads of a process run on a single core.

One core has little to no load, the other is overloaded with Linphone and x264.

Performance is very poor.


Either I optimize the x264, which seems to be a huge task.

Still may not get me the performance I am looking for.


So my only solution here seems to be to go to Inter Core Communications.

Run uCLinux on Core A, and run bare metal or VDK on core B and use the highly optimized H.264 lib available in VisaulDSP++


Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.






2011-09-21 23:51:18     Re: Linphone, X264

steven miao (CHINA)

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Hi Blair,


Intercore communication between CoreA uclinux and coreB bare metal is available on bf561, and there is also a libmcapi which sit on top of Intercore communication can be used for applications. You can referrence :




Currently the VDK implementation of intercore communication is not ready, you can just use bare metal on coreB and integrate you x264 implementation into the coreB bare metal task.