2011-10-18 07:24:57     u-boot stting boot mode problem

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2011-10-18 07:24:57     u-boot stting boot mode problem

asma chiha (TUNISIA)

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Hi to all,


I want to compile an u-boot from the official release: u-boot-2010.06-2010R1-RC2 for the BF548-EZKit board, and i want to set the boot mode to the parallel flash boot mode.






in the config file:  include/configs/bf548-ezkit.h I set:






and i verify that falsh settings are correct:


#define CONFIG_SYS_FLASH_BASE        0x20000000




I verify that the LDR flags in config.mk is set to support PARA boot mode:


# Set some default LDR flags based on boot mode.

LDR_FLAGS-BFIN_BOOT_PARA       := --dma 6


Finally i compile the u-boot source code for the BF548 ezkit board with make command:


$ make bf548-ezkit^C


And i load it to the board with two ways:


1. Via ethernet (upgrading the old u-boot)


2. Via VDSP with Flash programmer tool


but it is failed to be loaded, and it tells me that:


Error: Flash is not large enough to fill

284408 bytes starting from offset 0x3F00000.


any help please??




2011-10-18 22:39:08     Re: u-boot stting boot mode problem

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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Are you getting this message when trying to flash the u-boot with VDSP? What's the situation like when upgrading with old u-boot? The error reads like you are specifying a wrong starting address. Follow this page to upgrade it with old u-boot   docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=bootloaders:u-boot:upgrading




2011-10-18 23:35:09     Re: u-boot stting boot mode problem

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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Please don't as uboot question in Linux help forum.