2011-10-13 17:39:29     qt frame buffer 2010R1-RC5

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2011-10-13 17:39:29     qt frame buffer 2010R1-RC5


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I have just upgraded to uclinux 2010R1-RC5 on a bf537 rev 3. My qt application that has been running fine but it will not write to the frame buffer. There are no warnings or errors. I can open the frame buffer device, read and write to it with no issue. pngview  works. The touch screen driver is working as I can receive events through /dev/input/event0.


Qt is just unable to output anything to the screen. the application is running just fine, No crashes, warnings, errors. But nothing is output to the screen. I have debugged qscreenlinuxfb_qws.cpp. It is getting the appropriate configuration from my touchscreen driver. When I run the application anything previously written to the framebuffer from pngview is there. Any ideas?