2011-08-18 06:59:24     busybox + wget + uclinux 2010

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2011-08-18 06:59:24     busybox + wget + uclinux 2010

Shyam sundar (INDIA)

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Hello world,


How ca I use the busybox wget utility in 2010 distribution for making a passive ftp connection?




2011-08-18 23:40:56     Re: busybox + wget + uclinux 2010

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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You are more likely to get more helpful information from wget website however you may start from here:   docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=uclinux-dist:wget




2011-08-19 06:03:35     Re: busybox + wget + uclinux 2010

Shyam sundar (INDIA)

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Hi Aaron,


The wget utility in the busybox, doesnt make any reattempts after the connection is being lost.


I tried to remove the wget application from busybox and wanted to use the wget application supported in the network application, but got the following error while compiling the kernel image. Is the wget fully ported in 2010?


DESTDIR='' prefix='/usr' exec_prefix='/usr' bindir='/usr/bin' infodir='/usr/share/info' mandir='/usr/share/man' manext='1'

make[7]: Entering directory `/home/shyam/Desktop/uclinux_source/uclinux/2010R1/user/wget/build-wget-1.11/src'

bfin-linux-uclibc-gcc -pipe -Wall -g -O2      -mcpu=bf531-0.3 -mcpu=bf531-0.3 -o wget  cmpt.o connect.o convert.o cookies.o ftp.o ftp-basic.o ftp-ls.o ftp-opie.o  hash.o host.o html-parse.o html-url.o http.o http-ntlm.o init.o log.o main.o gen-md5.o netrc.o progress.o ptimer.o recur.o res.o retr.o safe-ctype.o snprintf.o spider.o openssl.o url.o utils.o version.o xmalloc.o -ldl  -lssl -lcrypto

utils.o: In function `fork_to_background':

../../wget-1.11/src/utils.c:319: undefined reference to `_fork'

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status