2011-07-19 02:36:20     how to configure ipv6 support on uclinux?

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2011-07-19 02:36:20     how to configure ipv6 support on uclinux?

geetha sidhu (INDIA)

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Hello All,


             can anybody explain me how to configure ipv6 on uclinux?




Thanks in advance,








2011-07-19 14:42:33     Re: how to configure ipv6 support on uclinux?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you first have to rebuild the toolchain to include IPv6 support.  the uClibc config needs to have UCLIBC_HAS_IPV6 enabled.


after that, enable IPv6 in your kernel under the network settings, and then "simply" configure your userspace.  most likely you'll want to start with static IPs/routes before moving onto automatic configuration as the latter will be fairly site-specific.  these steps though will be the same across all Linux systems and not specific to Blackfin builds in any way.


i dont think any of the current DHCP clients in the uclinux-dist support DHCPv6, so you'll probably need to use an upstream package and cross-compile it yourself.


if you're not familiar with configuring IPv6 under Linux already, then you probably should do some googling+reading first.  hurricane electric has quite a bit of good primer information already: