2011-07-11 15:21:17     Bus Error

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2011-07-11 15:21:17     Bus Error


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Hey All,


I haven't had much time to run some proper tests, but I will do some more tommorrow.  I am based out of South Africa so just trying to get a head start on some assistance in case any of you can lead me in the correct direciton.


We have just finished building our custom made board using the BF537 processor.  I need to get a couple of C application running on this board.  I previously used a IP04 board and was able to get my apps running.


I have setup Eclipse Helios on my pc installed the 2008R1 RC8 toolchain for windows and using MinGW to get the make going.  The reason I am using the 2008R1 RC8 toolchain is because we built a the uImage using Astfin which still uses the 2008 toolchain.


I tried getting my TCP server running but all that happens is when I type ./TCPServer is it gives "Bus error".  After this I tried to get just a simple Hello World going and it gives the same error:


"Bus error"


From Ecilpse I just create new C project -> Hello World ANSI C -> Blackfin Linux FDPIC toolchain -> Finish


After this I build and gives this error.  Not sure where to start debugging because all I am doing is a printf??






2011-07-11 15:44:38     Re: Bus Error

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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look at `dmesg` and see if there's anything useful logged


how are you transferring it to the board ?  if ftp, make sure you're using binary mode.




2011-07-11 16:19:24     Re: Bus Error


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Ah yes I have had trouble using Filezilla in the past will make sure its set to binary mode tommorrow quickly.








2011-07-12 02:21:03     Re: Bus Error


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Thanks Mike,


It was the medium I was using to get the file accross working now.