2011-07-08 16:59:58     UART0 Handshaking on BF527

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2011-07-08 16:59:58     UART0 Handshaking on BF527

Cameron Barfield (UNITED STATES)

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Howdy --




So, I've noticed in the kernel config for the BF527, there's an option to enable hardware handshaking on UART0. There's no mention of which pins are used for CTS/RTS in the datasheet or in source anywhere.




Would anyone anticipate any problems from adding the CTS and RTS pins to the board resource file a la the resource file for the 538 ezkit?




2011-07-08 17:37:29     Re: UART0 Handshaking on BF527

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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the GPIO pins arent hardcoded anywhere, so mentioning them in the datasheet doesnt make much sense.  whether the specific board wires up CTS/RTS to GPIOs is something that can be found in the schematic.


the config is part of the UART driver and not bound to any specific processor.


look at the bf537-stamp boards file to see how the CTS/RTS GPIOs are declared.  i dont think we've ever tested on a bf538 before, but it should work the same regardless of processor.