2011-06-20 16:38:35     L1 bf532 error compiling

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2011-06-20 16:38:35     L1 bf532 error compiling

Wilson Cifuentes (COLOMBIA)

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I have a problem, I compiled the kernel to work with image acquisition using ffmpeg, but when running the application as it says in:



It is an error, which I read in the forum for lack of space in the SRAM L1, I wonder if you know any way to release this memory space.


the ADSP bf532 that management is the only need to handle the I2C

communication and image adquicicion.


Thanks for your help.





Tengo un problema, he compilado el kernel para trabajar con adquisicion de imagen usando el ffmpeg, pero al momento de correr la aplicacion como dice en:




Se muestra un error, el cual he leido en el foro es por falta de espacio en la memoria sram L1, quisiera saber si conocen alguna manera de liberar espacio de dicha memoria.


El ADSP que manejo es el bf532. Solo necesito que maneje la comunicacion I2C y la adquicicion de imagen.


Gracias por su colaboracion.







2011-06-20 16:47:35     Re: L1 bf532 error compiling

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you didnt post any actual errors


note that because you're using a BF532, there is no L1 data for you to use at all and there's no way to free it up.  it only has 16KiB of L1 data, and that is all used as cache at the hardware level.




2011-06-20 16:49:12     Re: L1 bf532 error compiling

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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err, that is the BF531 that only has 16KiB.  the BF532 has 32KiB, and you can tell the kernel to only use half for caching via the BFIN_DCACHE_BANKA kernel config.


but you still need to post the actual errors you're seeing.