2011-05-25 19:12:57     Where are NET2272 driver settings?

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2011-05-25 19:12:57     Where are NET2272 driver settings?

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

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Hi:  I need to activate the NET2272 chip under BF561. I followed the instructions from the wiki page   docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=hw:cards:usb-lan_ez-extender. I recompiled the kernel with USB and USB Gadget support, but the USB is not seen on my Windows host. It does not show up in /dev, either. I suspect that I need to do a few more things not mentioned on the wiki page:


(1) tell the kernel that I am using NET2272;


(2) activate interrupt PF10 and USB reset PF11;


(3) tell the kernel that my NET2272 base address is 0x28000000 (AMS2) rather than AMS3 used with EZ-KIT BF561.


Where exactly can I configure these settings? I did not find them in menuconfig.


Thank you -- Wojtek




2011-05-25 20:36:20     Re: Where are NET2272 driver settings?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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these kinds of settings never belong in Kconfig.  if you see them in Kconfig for any other driver, that driver is legacy and/or sucks.


simply grep for net2272 in the bf561-ezkit's board file.


i'm in the process of rewriting the net2272 driver for mainline submission, so there will probably be better documentation once that's done.




2011-05-26 23:26:38     Re: Where are NET2272 driver settings?

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

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thank you for the hint. I am still using the 2009 release because of the dreaded AX88180 driver. In that release there are two board files with references to net2272 in uClinux-dist/linux-2.6.x/arch/blackfin/mach-bf561/boards. So I will now have to create my own file.. I can do it once I found the example.


The 2009 driver was full of blackfin ifdef's where there are references to the PF pins depending on which board it is. I will figure that out once I know where to look.


Thanks a lot -- Wojtek




2011-05-27 17:44:15     Re: Where are NET2272 driver settings?

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

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in the BF561 board file ezkit.c there is a line:


  #if defined(CONFIG_USB_NET2272) || defined(CONFIG_USB_NET2272_MODULE)


How to define those symbols? I just went several time through menuconfig. I did not find any place where NET2272 would be even mentioned. I looked under drivers and anywhere I could think of. Where is it hiding?


I am using 2009 because of the AX88180, but NET2272 was firmly present in that release. I would expect to see it mentioned somewhere in the menuconfig. But unless I am missing something obvious, I just do not see it mentioned anywhere.


Where is the place to activate the symbol for that chip?




2011-05-27 19:14:01     Re: Where are NET2272 driver settings?

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

Message: 100903    OK, found the place. It was hidden:

Linux Kernel Configuration

Device Drivers ---

[*] USB support ---

<*> USB Gadget Support ---

--- USB Gadget Support

[ ] Debugging messages (DEVELOPMENT)

[ ] Debugging information files (DEVELOPMENT)

[ ] Debugging information files in debugfs (DEVELOPMENT)

(2) Maximum VBUS Power usage (2-500 mA)

USB Peripheral Controller (PLX NET2272) ---


The peripheral controller was misconfigured as "Renesas". I was scanning

this screen and thinking that "Renesas" had nothing to do with my

business. If the screen was saying "Choose the USB chip", then I would

have understood what it meant a couple hours ago.




2011-05-30 20:21:31     Re: Where are NET2272 driver settings?

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

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I managed to compile the kernel with NET2272 and download to my BlackVME board. I connected the board to the Windows host, which detected the new hardware. The "new connection" appeared on the list of Windows network connections. Then I went through all the configuration steps detailed on the page   docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=hw:cards:usb-lan_ez-extender. In particular, I gave my board the IP number, as directed on that page. I started boa on my BlackVME. Then I started Internet Explorer under Windows, and I typed into it, and after a second of anticipation a website popped up. My eyes popped up, too.


This website is NOT the one served by my board. I am guessing that it must be served on the Internet by Analog Devices.


I hope I was not entirely silly when I followed the steps outlined on the Wiki? Am I supposed to know the IP numbers by heart and recognize right away that the IP number as given there should not be used?


I will figure it out. But please write a line of comment on that Wiki for the benefit of idiots like myself.


In any case, the great news is that NET2272 is working on my board under 2009 software. I am happy. Now I only need to configure the IPs.




2011-05-30 20:56:12     Re: Where are NET2272 driver settings?

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

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I take back what I just wrote. It turns out that compiling the USB Gadget has wiped out the entire configuration of my embedded website which I put together over the course of last few months. It was replaced with some default website prepared by you guys. So indeed, I am looking at the website served by my board, but it is completely different from my own stuff which I was expecting to see. (And indeed, I was seeing before I compiled the USB Gadget.)


I got  confused when my board served me a website which I did not prepare myself. Not that I am complaining. Life would be boring without occasional surprises like this one.




2011-05-30 22:48:42     Re: Where are NET2272 driver settings?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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192.168.x.x is not routable on the internet.  please read RFC1918.  so it'd literally be impossible for to be served up by Analog Devices to people on other networks.