2011-05-06 13:47:00     Replacement for LAN91C111

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2011-05-06 13:47:00     Replacement for LAN91C111

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

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I would like to replace the Ethernet MAC/PHY type LAN91C111 with some newer MAC/PHY, like for example LAN9221 or similar. Are there any MAC/PHY chips, either SMSC or any other manufacturer, which have been used with success with BF-531/2/3? By "success" I mean proven operation under both U-Boot and Linux kernel.


It is also important that the replacement is cheaper than LAN91C111, which is too expensive.


Thank you in advance for suggestions. -- Wojtek




2011-05-06 17:37:22     Re: Replacement for LAN91C111

Robert Cochran (UNITED STATES)

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Hi Wojtek,


This is probably a stupid question, but can't you use the bf537 with built in MAC?






2011-05-06 19:41:14     Re: Replacement for LAN91C111

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

Message: 100494    Robert:

it is a good question. I want to upgrade BlackStamp a little bit to a

new MAC/PHY while preserving the overall design. It is of course possible

to toss it away and replace BF533 with say BF518, which has a similar

footprint and also a built-in MAC. I am not sure yet which way is better.