2011-04-27 02:51:02     bf518 SPI chip_select

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2011-04-27 02:51:02     bf518 SPI chip_select

Bingo Cui (CHINA)

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hi,Aaron Wu








  .modalias = "spidev",

  .max_speed_hz = 3125000,     /* max spi clock (SCK) speed in HZ */

  .bus_num = 1,

  .chip_select = 1,

  .controller_data = &spidev_chip_info,



将chip_select = 1时,SPISEL1是片选信号脚;

将chip_select = 3时,SPISEL2是片选信号脚;






2011-04-27 03:12:18     Re: bf518 SPI chip_select

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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chip_select indicates which hardware chipselect PIN you are using for your SPI device. We have 7 hardware chipselect PINs for each of the SPI controller in BF518, there are two SPI controller on the BF518 in total. bus_num indicates which SPI controller you are using, range from 0 to 1, representing Controller 0 and Controller 1.  For which bus_num and chip_select value to use in your case you need to check your board schematic, please take our default ezbrd schematic and ezbrd.c for reference, if your schematic changes, then change your code accordingly.  




2011-04-27 03:17:51     Re: bf518 SPI chip_select

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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By the way, SPISS PIN can not be used as the SPI chipselect if BF518 is going to act like master (actually in your product it is). SPISS is an input, acts as the active low enablement signal for the BF518 to act as SPI slave.




2011-04-27 03:27:21     Re: bf518 SPI chip_select

Bingo Cui (CHINA)

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thanks a lot for your help.