2007-10-10 05:51:18     streaming the video through ffserver

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2007-10-10 05:51:18     streaming the video through ffserver

shammu sk (INDIA)

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Hi all,


i am using ffserver to stream a mpeg4 through network , but facing a problem


that is i used this command as given in the document  i.e "./ffserver -f doc/ffserver.config" to start the server ,i got ffserver started and used this cmd "./ffmpeg   localhost:8090/feed1.ffm", i am able to save the file "feed1.ffm".


but i want to stream a mpeg4 file (*.mp4)stored in the disk through network.


would anybody guide me how can i stream a mpeg4 file through network using ffserver .




Any help in this regard would be appreciated.











2007-10-10 22:58:03     Re: streaming the video through ffserver


Message: 45208    Hi,


The ffserver usage is tricky. It can work on certain senarios (I think it does not handle different media format well enough). I have some experience using ffserver/ffmpeg/ffplay, here are some examples:


1. Start ffmpeg to capture and encoding

<tt>ffmpeg -f video4linux -s cif -r 15 -i /dev/video0 -an</tt>

<tt>  <ffserver_ip>:8090/feed1.ffm</tt>


2. Start ffserver:

<tt>ffserver</tt><tt> -f ./</tt><tt>ffserver</tt><tt>.conf


</tt>3. Sample ffserver.conf as attachment: - the stuff configuring mpeg4 video are:


<Stream test.mpg>

Feed feed1.ffm

Format mpeg1video


VideoCodec mpeg4

VideoFrameRate 15

VideoBitRate 256

VideoSize cif

VideoBufferSize 40

VideoGopSize 12

#VideoQMin 25



As you can see the "Format mpeg1video " is highly confusing, but that is the only media container that works for me.


4. Play the stream:


<tt>ffplay   <ffserver_ip>:8090/test.mpg</tt>


I am not sure how ffserver is going on now - but when I was using ffserver half year ago, I thought more work is necessary to make ffserver work good enough.