2011-04-18 11:26:38     BUS/SEGV Errors

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2011-04-18 11:26:38     BUS/SEGV Errors

Sohan Mikkilineni (UNITED STATES)

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I'm using the latest nightly revision of the uClinux code... whenever I try to run any code, even a simple hello world application, I get a BUS or SEGV error! I tried to debug using gdb, but that didn't show me anything useful (though I might not be using it properly). The applications won't even print anything, simply BUS or SEGV. Am I doing something wrong? Last time I tried to run code, it ran perfectly... I actually used old compiles too for hello world, and I still got a BUS error.








2011-04-19 01:41:06     Re: BUS/SEGV Errors

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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how exactly are you copying the files to the board ?  what version of software exactly are you using ?


post the actual error output you're seeing




2011-04-19 02:37:13     Re: BUS/SEGV Errors

Sohan Mikkilineni (UNITED STATES)

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Sorry, figure it out... I was using Filezilla to FTP stuff into uClinux, which is admittedly not the best way of going about it. Thanks, though!