2011-04-11 00:35:48     the custom video framework

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2011-04-11 00:35:48     the custom video framework

Chong Huang (CHINA)

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I'm working on porting ov7725 camera to a dev board(bf525 processor). Notice that the custom video framework was dropped off around 03/23/2011. I am curious about when will the new video framework coming out? As a new in the device driver field, how can i do the camera porting work? Is it wise to roll back to the old revision? Advices are very appreciated




2011-04-11 00:52:22     Re: the custom video framework

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you could try using the 2010R1 kernel, but adding the old framework on top of trunk isnt useful.  the code is all V4L1 which is no longer supported in the latest versions of linux.


there are no plans currently for adding Blackfin support to the camera soc framework, so we havent investigated things to see what needs to be done or how hard it would be.