2011-04-09 13:18:11     Why not fork this bfin dist from uclinux?

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2011-04-09 13:18:11     Why not fork this bfin dist from uclinux?

Robert Cochran (UNITED STATES)

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After following this thread and other uclinux-dist related threads for a few years, I have to wonder why this particular Blackfin distribution is still piggybacking off of uclinux.


I certainly understand how it came about and why it made sense a few years back.  However, considering that the uclinux.org site is woefully stale (e.g., last news item July 2010, copyright 2008, no real SCM in place, etc.), I think it might be beneficial for the Blackfin distribution to formally fork itself and go its own way.


As a customer of ADI and the distribution, I think it would clarify this blackfin project and remove any dependencies, staleness, or doubt generated from the under supported uclinux that seems destined to go nowhere.


Forking or decoupling the blackfin project could in fact breath new life into this great body of work and let it better focus on yielding a robust, high performance solution for DSP based systems rather than just a generic micro controller without an MMU


I'm hoping that this thread will resonate with others and perhaps lead to bigger and better things for this project.


Please share any thoughts,









2011-04-09 13:46:28     Re: Why not fork this bfin dist from uclinux?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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i dont think posting a news article would makes any difference.  there's not really anything from upstream uclinux.org that is hold back Blackfin development in the dist.


also, upstream uclinux.org's last release was made on feb 2011: