2010-11-25 09:41:06     I want to be able to use the USB!! (BF548EZKit)

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2010-11-25 09:41:06     I want to be able to use the USB!! (BF548EZKit)

Brian vick (IRELAND)

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Hi guys!!


I'm new in uClinux and I'm using the following: { Ubuntu 10.10 as a development host, uClinux distribution is 2009R1.1-RC4, Toolchain 09R1.1-2, BF548EZKIT }


I'm looking to write an USB driver. So, I added to the following modules to the Kernel.


[Linux Kernel Configuration] --> [Device Drivers] --> [USB Support]

[*] Support for Host-side USB

  <*>USB verbose debug messages

  <*>USB announce new devices

  <*>USB Device filesystem

  <*>USB device class-devices (DEPRECATED)

  <*>USB Monitor

[*] Inventra Highspeed Dual Role Controller (TI, ADI,...)

--- Driver Mode

      <*> USB Host

[*] Enable debugging messages

[*] USB Testing driver


[Linux Kernel Configuration] --> [Device Driver] --> [USB Support] --> [USB Gadget Support]

[*] Debugging messages (DEVELOPMENT)

[*] Debugging Information files (DEVELOPMENT)

[*] Debugging Information files in debugfs(DEVELOPMENT)

--- USB Peripheral Controller

      <*> Renesas M66592 USB Peripheral Controller

[*] USB Gadget Drivers

      <*> GadgetZero(DEVELOPMENT)


I also added the following to the [uClinux distribution Configuration]


[uClinux distribution Configuration] --> [Library Configuration]

   [*] Build libusb (NEW)

[uClinux distribution Configuration] --> [Blackfin app programs]

   [*] usbutils (lsusb) (NEW)


Using minicom I loaded the uImage, and try using the "lsusb" command:



Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub


But, The device plugged to the BF548Board is neither detected neither powered ON!!! (I checked using a keyboard, a Bluetooth device).. and I have always the same problem!!


Please, what's missing here?? Why the device is not powered??


Best regards,






2010-11-25 09:47:14     I want to be able to use the USB!! (BF548EZKit)

Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)

Message: 96218    Follow the docs here:



and make sure you use the right plugs.




2010-11-25 09:52:04     Re: I want to be able to use the USB!! (BF548EZKit)

Brian vick (IRELAND)

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Hi Michael,


I've already checked the doc "  docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=linux-kernel:drivers:musb".. But, the USB device is never powered..





2011-03-28 01:00:42     Re: I want to be able to use the USB!! (BF548EZKit)

Spiro Conomos (AUSTRALIA)

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Brian, did you solve this?  Same problem here.  Ubuntu 10.10, uClinux 2010R1-RC5, Toolchain 2010R1-RC4, BF548-EzKit.  Nothing seems to get powered up.  I have tried following   docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=linux-kernel:drivers:musb but its not working for me.  The closest I have some to seeing life from the USB port is by:


1. Swapping out the 2GB Sandisk usb stick that came with the dev kit for an older 1GB OCZ stick and then....


2. Within uBoot, running "usb start" or "usb reset" command.  Drive powers up.  (Goes off again when booting linux kernel.)  Same test using 2GB Sandisk drive does nothing - never powers up even within uBoot after start/reset command.


3. Again withing uBoot, once usb start/reset has been run, toggling SW26-2 cycles the power (ON -> OFF no change.  Then OFF -> ON OCZ powers up).  Same test using 2GB Sandisk: OFF -> ON *flashes* sandisk flash drive LED momentarily but then goes off again.


I have confirmed the Sandisk drive works fine on a PC.  Any suggestions appreciated,








2011-03-29 20:53:50     Re: I want to be able to use the USB!! (BF548EZKit)

Spiro Conomos (AUSTRALIA)

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Update +2 days from above post:


Add me to the list of people not able to use the right Mini-USB header.  Using the Mini USB A plug fixed the problem.  On the bright side I have got the Testsuites working now.  It would have been much easier to try swapping the Mini USB Header instead of what I did... ran testsuites build_usbotg_kernel.exp, build_usbdev_kernel.exp and build_usbhost_bf5xx_kernel.exp.


I am still failing the usbhost test (usbhost_bf5xx_test.exp) though even though dmesg shows the usb drive has been detected.  I am using the build from  the usbhost testsuite "build_usbhost_bf5xx_kernel.exp".  Looking into that next.






2011-03-29 22:59:45     Re: I want to be able to use the USB!! (BF548EZKit)

Spiro Conomos (AUSTRALIA)

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Update: Sandisk flash drive needed 2 partitions to pass the test (usbhost_bf5xx_test.exp).  Created 2 partitions (using fdisk on the BF548 ezkit) and now its all good.