2011-03-17 09:39:25     mmap() / MAP_PRIVATE fails on /dev char device

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2011-03-17 09:39:25     mmap() / MAP_PRIVATE fails on /dev char device

Martin Strubel (SWITZERLAND)

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I've used to mmap a char device driver the following way:


c->buffers[i].start = mmap(NULL, buffer.length,

     PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE, /* required */

     MAP_PRIVATE, // must be private on uClinux

     c->fd, buffer.m.offset);


The char driver implements the .mmap method and used to work fine up to 2009R1 release.


With the 2010R1-RC5, the mapping fails within mm/nommu.c, specifical in validate_mmap_request(), the following sequence applies:


        mapping = file->f_mapping;

        if (!mapping)

            mapping = file->f_path.dentry->d_inode->i_mapping;


        capabilities = 0;

        if (mapping && mapping->backing_dev_info)

            capabilities = mapping->backing_dev_info->capabilities;



On the last above code line, capabilities is returned as BDI_MAP_CAP_COPY, however, has to be BDI_MAP_CAP_DIRECT in order to call the drivers .mmap method. If there is no backing_dev_info (and capabilities remain 0), the proper caps would be determined later.


Is this a bug or a feature I'm missing?




- Martin




2011-03-28 01:59:15     Re: mmap() / MAP_PRIVATE fails on /dev char device

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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Hi Martin,


What's the latest status for this proplem, do you have some sample code and instructions by following which we can reproduce this issue?