2011-03-08 03:25:18     2010R1 uclinux dist build issue

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2011-03-08 03:25:18     2010R1 uclinux dist build issue

Chandrashekhar Lavania (INDIA)

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I am trying to build the 2010R1 uclinux distribution, but I run into errors as soon as I do make menuconfig. I get the following messages.


find vendors -mindepth 2 '(' -name .svn -prune ')' -o -type f -name Kconfig -print | sed 's:^:source ../:' > vendors/Kconfig

config/mkconfig > Kconfig

/bin/sh: config/mkconfig: Permission denied

make: *** [Kconfig] Error 126



It can be noted that I am running the build commands as super user, therefore I am not sure how the "Permission Denied" error can occur.

I am building it on Ubuntu 10.10







2011-03-08 06:10:12     Re: 2010R1 uclinux dist build issue

Robert Cochran (UNITED STATES)

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mkconfig is a script.  I'll bet that mkconfig doesn't have the executable file mode set.


If you do a 'ls -l', do you see the 'x' bit set?


You can set scripts to executable by running 'chmod +x <script>', but I doubt that's the right way to fix your problem.  It's probably more pervasive then just that one file.  What about the other scripts?  I'll guess that something is not right with your installation.




2011-03-08 10:21:14     Re: 2010R1 uclinux dist build issue

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you shouldnt be building as root.  as Robert said, look at the perms of the file in question.  also make sure you arent unpacking to a mount point which is mounted with "noexec", and you arent using any weird security systems (although it's Ubuntu, so that shouldnt come up).


really you should delete the entire tree, run as non-root, and when you unpack the tar, make sure to use the "p" flag.