2011-03-02 01:08:33     snmpd failure

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2011-03-02 01:08:33     snmpd failure

Shyam sundar (INDIA)

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Hello world,


I am trying to use the net-snmp application on BF537. In the make menuconfig,I have enabled the following options


                                  [*] net-snmp

                                      [*]   Build mini agent

                                      [*]   Build Applications

                                      [ ]     snmpbulkget

                                      [ ]     snmpbulkwalk

                                      [ ]     snmpdelta

                                      [*]     snmpdf

                                     [*]     snmpget

                                      [*]     snmpgetnext

                                      [*]     snmpset

                                      [*]     snmpstatus

                                      [*]     snmptable

                                      [*]     snmptest

                                      [ ]     snmptranslate

                                      [ ]     snmptrap

                                      [ ]     snmptrapd

                                      [ ]     snmpusm

                                      [ ]     snmpvacm

                                      [ ]     snmpwalk

                                      [ ]     snmpnetstat

                                     [*]   Build static

                                      [*]   Install manuals

                                      [*]   Install scripts

                                      [*]   Install MIBs

                                      [*]     Enable MIB loading  




When I give the command /sbin/snmpd &, the process id gets created and I dont see snmpd application after few seconds in the process list. Why is the snmpd application getting killed?


I tried to give the options with the snmpd command, but ended with same result !!I cross compiled net-snmp 5.6 and tried to use it in BF537 but ended up with BUS error message.What are the minimun requirement of RAM needed for net-snmp to be functional?




2011-03-02 04:19:37     Re: snmpd failure

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 98585   


read the log files, or run it through strace, or read the snmp help to figure out how to run it in the foreground and with verbose debugging options enabled


without an actual error message i can only guess, but most likely the BUS error you're getting has nothing to do with the amount of free ram in your system.  read the kernel log buffer to find the actual crash reason.




2011-03-03 23:26:51     Re: snmpd failure

Shyam sundar (INDIA)

Message: 98640   


Thanks Mike,


I knew that uclinux didnt support fork, but didnt realise that snmpd uses fork.


Just gave the command /sbin/snmpd/ -c public -f & and everything went smooth !!