2011-02-11 06:56:07     pass mac address from u-boot to uclinux

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2011-02-11 06:56:07     pass mac address from u-boot to uclinux

Thomas Z (SWEDEN)

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Hi, I know you have a few threads on this but I think that the fixes in those threads doesn't apply, hence the new thread.


I'm trying to configure uClinux to a new board and everything I want seems to be working except that I want the mac address that is stored in u-boot env to be passed on to uClinux. All the network stuff works in uClinux but uClinux picks a random address every time I boot. And I would like to set the mac address only in u-boot.


The reason for this I believe is how my board is designed. My board is very similar to the bf561-ezkit but uses an SPI flash, a LAN9218I-MT SMSC and I don't have the small eeprom that, as I understand it, stores the mac address that uClinux reads. Instead the only place I store a mac address is in the u-boot env on SPI flash. So I'm starting to think that the missing eeprom is making life difficult for me.


So my question is whether it is possible to solve this withouth having to hard code the mac address? Or am I missing something obvious?


I use the current toolchains,u-boot and uclinux dist (2010R1).


Hope that's enough information..


Best regards






2011-02-11 12:41:38     Re: pass mac address from u-boot to uclinux

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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please read the FAQ: