2011-01-12 01:54:38     uclinux vs VDK

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2011-01-12 01:54:38     uclinux vs VDK

Laurentiu Tataru (ROMANIA)

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I need some help with an information. I am interested to do an application in ucLinux and I have the equivalent of the


application in VDSP++ with VDK implementation. What I do not know if is possible to have the same mechanism in ucLinux,


similarly to VDK and in the case I do not have it, if could be possible for me to implement.


I use for application BF537 STAMP for ucLinux and ADSP EZ KITLITE BF537 for VDK. I know the differences between the 2 stamps.




Thanks for any help!




2011-01-12 02:01:50     Re: uclinux vs VDK

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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sorry, but you didnt seem to post any actual question.  what exactly is it you want to do under Linux ?




2011-01-12 02:15:57     Re: uclinux vs VDK

Laurentiu Tataru (ROMANIA)

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I want to know if I can write code in ucLinux, having a VDK implementation of a project. The application is Pippelined audio driver and I would like to implement it on ucLinux.


What I don't know is if I have the necessary equivalents in ucLinux for VDK functions. Take for example : VDK::DeviceDescriptor dd = VDK::OpenDevice(kADC0, OPEN_STRING). And other VDK specific functions. Are all these implemented also in UcLinux? Or I have to realize them if I need to do something like that for my stamp.


I know I have the mechanisms for threads, for semaphores and I cand write similar code from VDK to ucLinux...but do I have all the tools from VDK in ucLinux or what I need?




I hope my questions are't funny for you, I am relatively new in this domain!




2011-01-12 02:24:59     Re: uclinux vs VDK

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you can code whatever you want under Linux.  but there is no support for taking VDK and trying to "drop it" into Linux.  you'll need to rewrite your code.


i know nothing of VDK, so i have no idea what those functions do.


you can find many free books in the wiki to read:





2011-01-12 11:26:26     Re: uclinux vs VDK

Wojtek Skulski (UNITED STATES)

Message: 97399    Mike:


what a fantastic page! Thank you so much for assembling this info

together in one place.


May I suggest that you change the title from "references and pointers" to

"Linux books and documentation"? I opened the page thinking that I will

learn how the counted references ("smart pointers") are implemented

as opposed to ordinary pointers (addresses). The web pointer suggested

this topic.