2011-01-11 09:49:35     How to get ip address

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2011-01-11 09:49:35     How to get ip address

Emil Bart (POLAND)

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I have two questions:


1. Is there another way to retrieve ip address of proper interface in user space (from application) than the following:


ioctl (sock, SIOCGIFADDR, &ifred);


Maybe is there a file in uCLinux where there are stored ip addresses of all interfaces ? Unfortunatelly I couldn't find it.


2. How can I check in c application if network interface exists and is active (have assigned ip address) in uCLinux.




Thanks for any help






2011-01-11 10:59:17     Re: How to get ip address

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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use SIOCGIFCONF to get all interfaces, and SIOCGIFADDR to get the addresses assigned to an interface