2010-12-16 09:59:07     Building customized blackfin-linux-dist with Xenomai aborts

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2010-12-16 09:59:07     Building customized blackfin-linux-dist with Xenomai aborts

Kolja Waschk (GERMANY)

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I'm struggling to get a custom setup with blackfin-linux-dist 2010R1-RC5 to build without manual interaction.


The configuration is based on AnalogDevices/BF537-STAMP. Currently there are almost no differences except for some additional files being copied to the romfs (by vendors/MyVendor/MyProduct/Makefile) and a few kernel and user config settings.


Biggest difference is that I have Xenomai enabled in kernel and userspace. As far as I understand, the kernel is built first without Xenomai, then later Xenomai is patched into the kernel sources when user/xenomai is built.


Finally when building "romfs" and "image" the kernel probably should be rebuilt. However, this "fails", i.e. requires manual interaction, because I'm now asked whether I want to enable Xenomai in the kernel:



* Restart config...



* Real-time sub-system


Xenomai (XENOMAI) [Y/n/?] (NEW)


For sure, the Xenomai part of my vendor.linux-2.6.x configuration was ignored when the kernel was configured for the first time. Shouldn't it read the vendor confguration again here? Does this actually run without manual interaction in some setup and I made an error during configuration or adaptation for my target?


Currently, I can finish the build with the following commands ... which is okay but I'd like to know whether I'm doing something wrong:


cp vendors/MyVendor/MyProduct/config-linux.2.6.x linux-2.6.x/.config

make -C linux-2.6.x oldconfig



Thanks for any hints in advance






2010-12-16 10:45:51     Re: Building customized blackfin-linux-dist with Xenomai aborts

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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you could tweak user/xenomai/Makefile to do what you want -- either copy the .config over, or automatically run oldconfig in the kernel dir.  see tools/kernel-module.mk for an example MAKE_KERNEL which you should be able to leverage.


otherwise, about the only clean way would be to manually apply the patch yourself before running any uclinux-dist configure steps.