2010-12-14 09:15:02     UART1 PORTG Console problems

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2010-12-14 09:15:02     UART1 PORTG Console problems

Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

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I am working with 2009R1-RC1 distribution, BF527 based custom board.


The debug console (UART1) is interfaced to the PortG UART1 (PG12 and PG13).


I got the uboot up( with some code modifications, i have posted a query to the uboot group i am waiting for their details)


and trying to load and run the builded image, junk is displayed on the console.


I have selected the PORTG for uart1under BF527 Specific Configuration


*** Alternative Multiplexing Scheme ***


  │ │                          SPORT0 (PORT G)  --->                                                                 


  │ │                          SPORT0 TSCLK Location (PORT PG10)  --->                           


  │ │                          UART1 (PORT G)  --->                                                                  


  │ │                          NAND (NFC) Data (PORT H)  --->                                              


  │ │                          *** Interrupt Priority Assignment ***                                           


  │ │                          Priority  --->




Is there anything i missing, can u please help me in resolving the problem.


Thank you.




2010-12-14 10:22:11     Re: UART1 PORTG Console problems

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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are you sure the baud rate is correct ?  if the pin mappings were incorrect, you most likely wouldnt see anything on the console at all.