2010-12-04 05:10:00     can't execute 'boa'

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2010-12-04 05:10:00     can't execute 'boa'

sum max (CHINA)

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1. Login prompt is not correct


/ # ls


profile Content:


# Common login shell init code

PS1='\u:\w> '


2. Starting method nfsroot, running tips


/bin # boa

sh: can't execute 'boa': No such file or directory

/bin # ./boa

sh: can't execute './boa': Permission denied



Help me, thank you!




2010-12-04 05:33:42     Re: can't execute 'boa'

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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make sure you've actually set +x perms on the file


what version of software exactly are you using ?




2010-12-04 07:34:54     Re: can't execute 'boa'

sum max (CHINA)

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Thank you for your answer!


I'm sure the share dir  "romfs" and file perms (root)777 ,


But use "who" can not find the user! the result  the empty!


software version linux-dist-2010R1-RC4




2010-12-04 07:57:41     Re: can't execute 'boa'

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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i'm not talking about the directory, i'm talking about the file named "boa".  it clearly says "permission denied".


what board are you building things for ?  the default ADI build should always have the default prompt setup.  but if you changed things (either in your busybox config or elsewhere), then you need to fix that.