2010-11-30 15:49:00     mmap unmanaged memory?

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2010-11-30 15:49:00     mmap unmanaged memory?

Andrew Kohlsmith (CANADA)

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I am trying to use the "Silly noMMU Memory Tricks" found here along with mmap() to get a pointer to memory that the kernel is not managing. It appears, however, that the documentation is incorrect and that on nommu systems I do not require mmap at all.


With my bootargs set to include "mem=32M max_mem=64M" (I don't want to enable the cache on this region for my application) I correctly see that the kernel is leaving half the RAM alone. However, mmap() fails.


#define THIRTYTWOMEG (32 * 1048576)



This line will always fail with errno = EINVAL and I receive "Can't do fixed-address/overlay mmap of RAM" in dmesg.


Now looking at linux-2.6.x/mm/nommu.c line 704 I see that I cannot specify an address nor can I use the MAP_FIXED flag or mmap will fail after printing that message to dmesg.


This seems to go against the text in the link which suggests using mmap to obtain a pointer to this unmanaged memory. If I do not specify an address mmap() fails because it obviously cannot allocate that much memory. If I stop trying to use mmap() and simply declare my pointer address to the 32nd megabyte I can use the memory without issue.


Am I missing anything? Should I be using mmap (and if so, how?) or is there another way that I should be attempting to use a large block of memory for a DMA buffer?




2010-11-30 16:02:32     Re: mmap unmanaged memory?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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mmap is not for generically unmanaged memory.  the docs were referring to a driver itself taking care of the mmap call.


just do what the docs say in the frst place --use direct pointers.