2010-11-20 07:08:52     Linphone 3

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2010-11-20 07:08:52     Linphone 3

Shyam sundar (INDIA)

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Hello world,


I am able to sucessfully connect to SIP call from BF537 board to a remote PC using Linphone. When remote disconnect,I want to exit the linphone application. This I am not able to do. In the linphone-3.0.0/console/exevents.c file, I set a flag when the remote disconnects and I poll that flag in the linphone-3.0.0/console/linphonec.c file (in the linphonec_main_loop routine). If the flag is set I do exit the while loop having readline() function, but I am not able to exit the linphone application. But when the call is active and I give the command quit from the board ,I am able to exit the linphone application.Any solutions or suggestions?




2010-11-20 12:42:33     Re: Linphone 3

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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linphone support can be found here: