2010-11-06 20:12:45     Mapping ISR on timer

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2010-11-06 20:12:45     Mapping ISR on timer

shuja ahmed (UNITED KINGDOM)

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I am using BF537. I want to map an ISR on gptimer and wanted this ISR to execute after every 20 millisecond.


I have enable bfin_simple_timer API but after this API I am able to execute the following code


    tmr5 = open("/dev/timer5", O_RDWR);

    ioctl(tmr5, BFIN_SIMPLE_TIMER_SET_PERIOD, 1000);  // For a moment, just writing something on period register

    ioctl(tmr5, BFIN_SIMPLE_TIMER_SET_WIDTH, 10);  //


But, I dont know how to map an ISR. I wanted timer to count upto predefined programmed value and then call an ISR.


After going through the forum, I think that I can use "peripheral_request(P_TMR5, "/dev/timer");" function and for this I have to include the following files,


#include <asm/gptimers.h>

#include <asm/portmux.h>

But if I try to compile code with these files included, I get an error that files not found. I am new to Makefile and dont know how to give a path to these files.


If there is some other way of mapping ISR to timer output, please tell me.




2010-11-07 22:06:41     Re: Mapping ISR on timer

Aaron Wu (CHINA)

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this is somewhat the same with your another post, could you download a default  linux distribution and tool chain to build and see if this error happens?




2010-11-07 23:18:39     Re: Mapping ISR on timer

Sonic Zhang (CHINA)

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You can not call kernel space API peripheral_request(). If you want to get notified via bfin_simple_timer driver in user space, you have to enhance the driver to support at least poll operation and make the application wait in poll.