2010-09-21 12:52:34     Qt and Keyboard

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2010-09-21 12:52:34     Qt and Keyboard

Martin Jensby (DENMARK)

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Hi all




I would like to ask all of you if any one ever tried to connect a keyboard to the Qt 4.5.1


The reason why I am asking is that lately I have been doing a I2C driver for a capsense touch.




This driver is suppose to emulate a keyboard, so that we can get some button presses into the Qt application.




So far the driver seem to be working fine, when I test it with event_test, I get the keys listed the device can send.


I touch it and I get the corresponding key.




My next step is to get these keys into Qt, I have written a small application.


It basically only openKeyboard() and show some buttons.




But the keys I press never seem to get to the application.




The application should just exit if an "enter" event is triggered, or "arrow" event between the different button, but no such luck.




I have tried frantically with all kinds of export QWS_KEYBOARD but none seem to work.




Any help would be appreciated




I have attached the driver if you want to look it over and see if maybe I need something more with the EV part or something






2010-09-21 16:17:08     Re: Qt and Keyboard

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

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we've used USB keyboards and touchscreens fine


you might want to review the documentation:





2010-09-22 02:47:50     Re: Qt and Keyboard

Martin Jensby (DENMARK)

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I did read the documentation, I can find how to add mouse and as you state touchscreen.


And we already did that on a blackfin 537 based system.


So this is not my first time working with Qt




But since my driver is neither a mouse(touchscreeb) or usb, I wonder how to do it.


And it is making me crazy.




I was thinking that I would try and simply fake it to be a usb, and see what happens.


But thanks anyway.




2010-09-23 12:01:08     Re: Qt and Keyboard

Martin Jensby (DENMARK)

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Well, what we ended up doing was reading the /dev/input/event0 char from the Qt app.




No other forum could help either.




2010-09-23 15:20:28     Re: Qt and Keyboard

Terry Markovich (UNITED STATES)

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We use an i2c keyboard, same driver as in the docs


export QWS_KEYBOARD=USB:/dev/input/event0


Then just use the QT eventFilter()